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YNNO advise on innovative methods of work and a supportive environment. Their expertise to follow the conception of “new ways of working.” As the best reference work that includes planned sprikk sense. Since the consultants spend more time on their clients than in the office, YNNO asked workplace that serves as home base rather than a conventional small office. Work environment that was created in accordance with the nature of the way consultants work in which communication and networking play an important role. It remains completely open floorplan with the exception of two volumes separated acoustic glass. This stimulates the movement of free, spontaneous meetings and using flexible while allowing for lots of natural light.

In this open plan office design, organic birchwood shaped structure is placed after the partitions form, niches, bookshelves and storage space. By applying one single construction materials and methods that created the appearance of coherent space, which still offers a diverse workplace with gradations that are open and closed. These form the structure of haptic quality Birchwood Unlike high-end communications and presentation technologies adopted in the whole space.

Wooden structure contains a number of ergonomic workplace that embraces the daylight and offers a look out. Settings for individual concentrated and active collaboration can be found. A vis-à-vis the setting for a relaxed discussion be placed on the platform is integrated into the wooden structure. Groups up to eight people can work on projects and presentations in a balanced acoustic space. It is equipped with a surface that can be written and high-end presentation equipment. Private meetings or presentations to clients who are held in room are separated that offers a relaxed atmosphere and a lot during the day. A free-formed wooden island, close to the printer and archives, can be used for secretarial and administrative jobs but also can function as an office desk space is open to the consultants. The most important work environment is open is the ‘guild’ table. The surface of this giant to provide active and communicative settings with organic layout. For special events and presentations throughout the company can accommodate the entire staff.

Project: YNNO Consultant Workplace Interiors
Location: Utrecht, Netherland
Designer: Sprikk

All photo credit and copyright: Edward Clydesdale Thomson

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